Previous Festivals

Previous Festivals

Gravity Fields Festival 2016

Grantham’s third Gravity Fields Festival has scored another major success ,

attracting tens of thousands of people to events and with Grantham’s nowtraditional stunning Saturday evening outdoor arts transformation.

Many of the arts and science events across the five day Newton-inspired  festival were a sell out with packed streets for Saturday’s Ingenious Night Out as people enjoyed  amazing attractions at St Wulfram’s Church, Market Place  and Abbey Gardens.

Newton’s birthplace at Woolsthorpe Manor played a major role, with a marquee housing speakers for its own festival programme, plague day sessions for schools and a Sunday of family plague day activities, storytelling and speakers.

Other venues included Newton’s former church in Colsterworth with exhibitions and a special commemoration service,  Harlaxton Manor for  special botanical science themed talks on Sunday and The Meres Leisure centre for a stunning 1,000-seater event to see the Ministry of Science afternoon and evening shows.

The Alive Church staged the IOU sound installation, Grantham’s George Centre was busy with science days and Grantham Museum saw a successful premiere of The Old Dogge at the Mint, tracing Newton’s time in charge of the national currency.

Stand out venue was St Wulfram’s Church, hosting not only the festival opening reception but also the beautiful aerial theatre of Ockham’s Razor, the rule breaking music of baroque band Red Priest and with its cemetery transformed into a Saturday evening re-incarnation of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, complete with circus artists and magicians.

Delivering an international flavour,  Spanish company Ponten Pie captivated audiences with their mysterious Artica shed and Cirque Bijou put their own distinctive stamp on the LED umbrella project for Saturday’s procession.

Glowing praise came from festival patron Professor Val Gibson, Head of High Energy Physics at the University of Cambridge, who

said: “Our Gravity Fields Festival is head and shoulders above any other arts and science festival in the UK, particularly because it involves so much of the community.”

Organisers were South Kesteven District Council with Curator Rosemary Richards (Rosa Productions), Co-Curator (Science) Dr Harry Cliff, Jeremy James (Outdoor Arts), and the Guildhall Arts Centre (Indoor Arts and Family Content).

SKDC’s funding was boosted by  Arts Council England and the Institute of Physics and supported by the National Trust, The Royal Society and local sponsors Viking Signs, Downtown, Listers, JMP Solicitors, Chatterton’s, Hood Parkes & Co and Khaos Control.

Gravity Fields Festival 2016

We want everyone to be able to get involved with the Gravity Fields Festival!

Gravity Fields Festival 2014

The audience topped 60,000 for outdoor events, shows and exhibitions over the five days – 15,000 for Saturday’s transformation of the town alone.